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    People who think Ariel only wanted to be human so she could get with Eric


    Fun fact: She sang “Part of That World” before she had so much as seen Eric. Eric was just the icing on the cake. 

    Oh he iced her cake alright


    All of you shut up, she had a god damn giant statue that she kept to herself since the beginning of that film and hugged the sides of boats and stared at men since forever. She was all about wanting to be with men in the Disney film.

    Also she did see Eric before the song Part of “Your” World. Ursula even sang about Ariel and Eric and thought it was all just so stupid and pathetic. She had to deal with a lot of stupid ass human love and Ariel was one of those stupid ass humans by the end with silly lovey dovey feelings for some stranger.

    It is not the first time for a Disney Princess to fall in love with a stranger either.

    They are all messed up and don’t back them up, they don’t deserve it those silly preteen girls have some serious crush problems.

    Also Quasi, he had a problem crush as well.

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